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In message <>, Rudi Breedenraedt writes:
> I was asking 
>myself if the RTF (Rich Text Format) from Microsoft could be considered as an 
>application of SGTML.

No, but EBT and friends have design an SGML application that captures
much of the semantics of RTF. See:

>SGML stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language and is a system for defin
>ing structured document types.
>HTML is an application of SGTML.
>So far, OK. My question: are there other applications of SGTML ?

Yes: CALS, DocBook, HTF (the Hyper-G format) and others come
to mind.

Again, a VERY little bit of self-surfing would yeild andswers to this
sort of question. Please, do some background reading before requesting
that other folks answer your questions.

Start at:
Follow "HTML" link to:
Follow "SGML" to:
Follow "SGML Bibliography" to:

Thar ye find the gold:

13.SGML Projects and Applications 
            General Projects and Applications 
                  HyTime: ISO 10744 Hypermedia/Time-based
                  Structuring Language 
                  SMDL (Standard Music Description Language)
                  ISO/IEC DIS 10743:1995 
                  Association of American Publishers (AAP) 
                  ISO 12083 DTDs 
                  IBMIDDoc: IBM Information Development
                  document type 
                  Davenport (DASH, DOCBOOK, OSFBOOK,
                  ICADD SGML: International Committee on
                  Accessible Document Design 

I'm sure a Yahoo or Lycos search would produce results as well.