Re[2]: Progress on HTML 3 (acrobat, applets)

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 9 Nov 95 16:53:44 -0500

Message-Id: <>
From: Rohit Khare <>
Date: Thu,  9 Nov 95 16:53:44 -0500
Subject: Re[2]: Progress on HTML 3 (acrobat, applets)

>  Also, several graphics programs can import non-secured
>  PDF: Adobe Illustrator 5.5 and greater, Freehand, Canvas,
>  and a Quark Xtension, Gymnast, that was also demonstrated
>  at Seybold.

Well, as a NeXTSTEP user, I'd like to note that Adobe hasn't yet seen a  
business need to support Acrobat/NS -- creating a market niche that not one,  
not two, but _four_ products [1] have rushed in to fill.

... and _none_ of them can work with secured PDF. One of the developers  
intimated that this was because the enncryption techniques were not openly  
available; that it was only licensable from Adobe. Many of ODF documents on  
the web, including many with WebLinks, are so encrypted, and inacessible.

Is this true?

Rohit Khare