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Thu, 2 Nov 1995 21:51:44 EST5EDT

From: (Warren "Clint" Hyer)
Subject: Re: HTML Development. ...(was: <HTML BBS>)
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 21:51:44 EST5EDT
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In my previous posting, I think I tried so hard to save bandwidth that my 
intent was lost.

I am posting this here because first, I believe this question comes under the 
heading of developing HTML.  And second, I don't know where else to go.  (See 
"Efforts to Date" sectin below.)

Generic Problem:  HTML was developed in the late 1980's to promote seientific 
communictions.  In a virtual conference, you need both open conference space 
and some *private* meeting rooms where access is restricted.  These private 
rooms are used for preliminary discussions, planning meetings, and other 
discussions where you don't want random people just dropping in.

The privte rooms would have several requirements:

	Easy access for participants - i.e. no special client software beyond a Web 
browser.  This will be used by scientists - as was the original HTML.

	Some access control - e.g. E-mail address and a password such as the group's 
name.  "Locks to keep honest people out" and stats to indicate unauthorized 

	A forum/conference room which allows discussion threads.

Specific problem:  The problem was posed by a friend at Princeton University 
who was annyoyed at having missed an important E-mail message about a NSF 
grant proposal because the message was buried in administrative, student, and 
personal E-mail.  He would like a simple *private* forum/newsgroup to 
coordinate grant development with collaborative researchers at other 

In summary, this would be a useful utility with wide spread applications.

Efforts to Date:

The professor went to the department's systems administrator who recommended 
discussing it with CIT (the University's Computer Information Technology 

We went to CIT which indicated they did not have the time to develop new 
applications for the Web.

Next, I went to an outside consulting group that also runs its own commercial 
Web stie.  They had not seen anything like multiple private rooms accessable
from a Web site but were sure they could develop it - (with an open ended 
contract at $75/hr.)

A similar question had been  posted to <comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc> 
(at <468dld$>CyberPark<>).  The thread 
did not develop very far.  Since comp.infosystems.www.html splinteered into 16 
to 18 narrower groups. this seems the most appropriate group to which to post 
this question.

I did a search of books at our local Barnes and Noble megastore.  I found some 
information on use of FORMS to send E-mail to bulletin board systems (BBS).  
The October issues of _BBS_  and   _Boardwatch_  magazines discuss HTML as 
input to regular BBS software.

Finally, I posted to this mail list.

I would appreciate any suggestions on setting up a series of *private* 
conference rooms accessible from a Web Browser.

If someone has any suggestions for other mailing lists or newsgroups or any 
harcopy sources I could track down, it owuld also be greatly appreciated.



P.S.  I apologize for hogging so much bandwidth.

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