Re: page control in HTML

Mike Meyer (
Wed, 31 May 95 09:49:57 PST

Subject:  Re: page control in HTML
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Wed, 31 May 95 09:49:57 PST
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> Rather than ask for a new tag, take a page out of the C compiler's
> book and do something like this:

You know, I have no idea what C compiler uses comments for pagination

However, the C standard has a place to hang commands that control
things outside the language - the "#pragma" directive. SGML has a
similar feature - the PI construct. It would turn:

>   <!--PAGE-->
>   <!--NOPAGE-->
>   <!--/NOPAGE-->



SGML parsers should pass it through as a PI, where the application can
decide what to do with it. Even the most broken HTML parser should
ignore it as an unrecognized tag.

However, style sheets provide a much cleaner mechanism:


with an appropriate style sheet that causes the HR to output a page
break instead of ink when printed, and DIV to float to the top of the
next page if it doesn't fit on the current page.