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Mon, 22 May 95 00:23:00

Date: Mon, 22 May 95 00:23:00 
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Subject: Re: CAI Internet Gallery Opens

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Subject: CAI Internet Gallery Opens
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Date:    5/20/95 11:19 PM

                          the Grand Opening of
                          Cebu Artists, Inc.'s
                            CAI ART GALLERY
                            on the Internet
                  featuring the following exhibitions:
                             KISAW KULTURA
                    CAI Resident Artists On Exhibit
                          OF MARTINO ABELLANA
                             CEBU SCENERIES
                      One-Man Show by Dong Secuya
As the world progresses in digital technology at break-neck speed, 
and as the whole wide world is slowly merging into a small global 
village, we would like to share our bit of contribution into this 
revolution by making available to the internet the works of Cebuano 
and Cebu-based visual artists--in painting, sculpture and 
See how the graphics are arranged and played in front of your 
screens as only artists can do.  Expect the looks of the site to 
regularly change as it expands, and as new tools for developing 
sophisticated Home Pages will be made available.  Please view the 
site using the latest version of Netscape Navigator (1.1N).
Since its soft-opening four weeks ago, CAI Art Gallery has already 
generated tremendous response from its viewers.  Among others, the 
gallery was featured by the Philippine Cyberspace Review (http://www. citing it as an "important milestone" 
in Philippine cyberspace history.   Asiaweek Magazine, on its May 12, 
1995 issue prominently referenced the CAI Art Gallery describing it 
as an "elegant electronic museum."  And a host of e-mails flew from 
different parts of the globe dishing out comments like "fastantic!", 
"wonderful!", "awesome!", "commendable."
So don't miss it!  And we hope to see you every so often as full-packed 
battery of events are scheduled for the next so many months.  Be one 
with us in celebrating this new found avenue of expression.  The world 
moves; so does art.  Leornardo da Vinci for all his genius, could not 
have imagined what is happening today.  Mabuhay!
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