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>Second, with regards to CGI, do you know what is the difference in
>performance when writting perl script or C code? (Give me a percentage

A common mistake in choosing what/whether to optimize is to consider the
speedup obtainable in a portion of the task under consideration, without
adequate analysis of the contribution of that portion to the whole task.
You need to ask:  What portion of the total latency in sending a request,
processing it, and receiving a reply is spent executing a Perl script, and
how much faster would it be if the script were a binary executable?  For
some tasks, the execution time will be significant, and optimizing it will
be a sensible step.  For most tasks it wouldn't matter even if the C code
ran 1000 times faster than the Perl code. There is no substitute for actual
measurements of the behavior of a particular application.   The telescope
builder's rule is also applicable here:  It's faster to build a 3" lens and
then a 5" lens, than to build a 5" lens.


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