Re: Inexperienced homepage creator needs help.

Frans Stekelenburg (
Fri, 17 Mar 1995 18:39:02 +0000 (GMT)

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 18:39:02 +0000 (GMT)
From: Frans Stekelenburg <>
To: "E.Coli" <>
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Subject: Re: Inexperienced homepage creator needs help.
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On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, E.Coli wrote:

> Netscape, and when I access my page my in-line images ar posted in
> a diagonal line down the page, and all my links are put on the

:-) Nice Netscape feature, eh!?

Its' because of your ALIGN=LEFT taht all the images/buttons are 
diagonalized... seperate the different choises with a <P> instead of <BR>.
iYou might even want to put a <P> after the image and before the 
explaining text that goes with it.

In your case I guess you won't even need an ALIGN statement. Try <menu> 
</menu> instead.

 > </H2>
> <LI><Img align = left src = pixies.gif><a HREF="">The Pixies</A><BR>
> <LI><Img align = left src = kmfdm.gif> <A HREF="">KMFDM</A><BR>
> <LI><img align = left src = begiant.gif> <a href=""l>They_Might_Be_Giants </a><BR>

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