Re: An HTML 3.0 page to cut your browser's teeth on (2)
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 21:09:20 -0500 (EST)

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Subject: Re: An HTML 3.0 page to cut your browser's teeth on (2)
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 21:09:20 -0500 (EST)
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lilley wrote:
> The result, validated with the Mon 13-Mar-95 09:51:25 DTD, is at
> It is being served as text/html at the moment, because I wanted to see how
> existing browsers coped with it:

	Q: the way to serve as HTML 3.0 would be what? ? I've just looked at
	Dan's "Towards Graceful Deployment of Tables in HTML" (sorry my
	server is down :*( so I don't have the URL) where he recommends the
	use of the DOCTYPE statement but acknowledges that the installed base
	of servers  generally determine content type before opening the file.
> Mosaic for X 2.5b4 shows both the FIG graphic *and* the textual alternative.
> It correctly hides the footnotes, but cannot display &deg; or &nbsp; and
> puts in a bizarre "broken image" NCSA logo where there is no image. Curious. 
> It displays the table OK, but without the superscripted text. So it is sometimes
> displaying the content without the tags, and sometimes hiding the content.

	I've been experimenting with tables+forms (i.e together) in Mosaic
	for X 2.5b, Arena, and Netscape. The latter handles everything fine
	on X, but not Windows: text input areas and submit boxes have to be
	outside the table or they don't show. Arena hangs and core dumps. 
	Mosaic used to do something of the job in its beta version (I forget
	how much exactly) but the new release just shows a wire frame. I
	submitted a bug report and was amazed when they got back to me the 
	next day! (I submitted a few in earlier days that never got answered).
	They very kindly pointed out that the release notes mention  that
	markup can't yet be handled inside tables (I had read & forgot) but
	that their programmers are working feverishly to fix it. So currently
	the only browser I use that handles tables+forms is X Netscape 1.1b.
	I hope to include tables+forms in my WWW3 tutorial. My test example
	is at <URL:>. I don't know
	for sure that it's HTML 3.0 compliant - is there a publically
	available validation service like the HaLsoft one for HTML 2.0 ?
	(I appreciate that it's not a standard yet but neither is HTML 2.0)
	I'd rather not install my own unless it's quick & painless.
> I do not have access to emacs-w3 - I tried to install it once, but the
> meta-x-alt-f3 stuff was a bit beyond an emacs-virgin like myself (I can load 

	At last - another poor loser like me! By the time I've done
	ctr-esc-alt-shift-meta-xyz my fingers and brain are too tangled
	up to do anything else.. Chris, we're doomed to living  for eternity
	outside the Garden of Emacs :*(

> and save and move the cursor, that's about it). I would be pleased to get
> reports from users of other HTML3.0 (or getting that way) browsers; please 
> state what it did right, what it did wrong, the platform and version. I
> will summarise to the list unless you ask me not to for a particular browser.

	Well I thought I'd just throw my $20 worth right into the list.
	(i wish the $0.2 people would say so up front so I could skip it).

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