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Fri, 10 Mar 95 17:59:21 GMT

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Subject: Re: Captions for Figures and Tables 
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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 17:59:21 GMT
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Yuri writes:

> This also means that if I should happen to want a consistent style
> to the document, I can make all figre captions large without having 
> to go through to find each instance of that combination and insert
> the "class=bigcaps" string.

The draft proposal for HTML 3.0 makes it clear that the class attribute
is best used to subclass the structural meaning of the element, rather
than simply for style bindings. This way the additional effort spent
in writing the class attribute value can be used for a range of purposes,
e.g. for restricting search, and to allow more flexible application of
different style sheets.

Good markup will be rewarded by greater flexibility and lasting value.

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