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In message <v01510103ac0c384611e8@[]>, Hunter Brumfield writes:
>Hello everybody,
>I would like to get hold of a complete updated syntax list of HTML 3.0.
>I got a book on HTML, but it only list the basic tags/syntax.
>I'd like to use HTML to its full capability. Would anyone know a site for this

The "home" of HTML is, was, and will continue to be as far into
the future as I can see:

The editor of the HTML 3.0 specification is Dave Raggett. He's here
at W3C for a while, so the HTML 3 info on that page should be up
to date (if not, it will be soon, so that's the place to watch.)

So that's:

HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials

It has pointers to the latest published draft, plus pointers to various
development areas like tables, internationalization, etc.