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>One question (and sorry to bother you personally -- but its unclear
>who to ask...),

I'm the guy. Myself and Karen, that is. I hope you don't mind that I'm
copying the world on this...

> why is www-talk so *slow* to forward mail to the list?

Because our mail server machine crashes a lot (grumble grumble... I
won't mention whose hardware it is), and our mailing list software is
possibly misconfigured -- I can't really tell because it's pretty
complex. The former maintainer is still in Europe, so he doesn't have
enough access to fix the problems in real time any more. We're moving
the service to a different machine and different software.

>There are important conversations going on that need to be
>facilitated, not slowed down.

I agree. In fact, the whole purpose of the W3 Consortium is to
expedite these matters. I've pretty much got the consortium mailing
lists working smoothly. And we've got more hardware coming in as
well. Unfortunately, we can't place the same priority on public
services like www-talk and www-html as we do on Consortium services,
especially when USENET is available for all to use.

If your organization really needs to have a say in the direction
of the web, Join Up! See: 
	World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C): A Short Prospectus
	Tue Mar  7 01:21:41 1995


p.s. Sorry for the sales pitch...