Re: cgi Scripts

Paul Ramsey (
Mon, 5 Jun 95 15:25:25 PDT

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 15:25:25 PDT
From: (Paul Ramsey)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: cgi Scripts

> Can anyone tell me whether cgi scripts have to be in the cgi-bin directory
> as i wish to write and use them all though i do not have access to this 
> directory.
> also what is Perl (is it a interpriter or compiler ) and is it avaliable 
> for VMS

It is possible to configure an httpd server to execute items from any
directory you like but if you don't have access to the cgi-bin directory
then you surely wouldn't have access to the httpd configuration file.

Because of the security issues related to cgi scripts I wouldn't allow anyone
other than the webmaster install cgi scripts.

Paul Ramsey