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Mike Meyer (
Mon, 5 Jun 95 08:16:48 PST

Subject:  Re: pagination control
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 08:16:48 PST
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> >However, style sheets provide a much cleaner mechanism:
> I'm also not sure that's "cleaner" since you not only have to mark up the
> HTML but then you have to make sure there is an appropriate style sheet
> available to the printing program.

It's cleaner than PI's in that you're not introducing things that look
like structural elements but aren't. There's also a better chance that
a browser that doesn't do style sheets (or is ignoring yours, or
whatever) will do something reasonable with <HR CLASS=PAGE> than with

> Is page control really a "style" issue or is it at a lower level than that?
> My impression of "style" is that it affects how individual elements are
> rendered.

Style covers all presentation elements (not just rendering). For
instance, you can set default margins for the document by a style
attached to the BODY or HTML elements. Likewise, style issues should
cover printing, or spitting out braille, or reading your HTML text via
a voice synth package.