Converting HTML to RTF

Charles Cave (
Fri, 02 Jun 95 08:43:09 +1000

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Date: Fri, 02 Jun 95 08:43:09 +1000
From: (Charles Cave)
Subject: Converting HTML to RTF


The other week I asked about converting HTML to RTF in order
to make a WP document.

I received two responses:-

1. Internet Assistant for Word 6.0a on Windows

Located at in the directory
  /deskapps/word/winword-public/ia as wordia.exe

This works fine, except I want to do the conversion on 
Unix or Macintosh.

2. A tool called "GF" from someone called mike.

>Yes - it's called GF. It inputs HTML (or SNAFU, or GENERAL) documents,
>and can output RTF, LaTeX or flat ASCII. It includes a style sheet
>mechanism so you can control various aspects of the output. I haven't
>used the RTF variation (not having anything that can print from RTF),
>but going to LaTeX works quite nicely (module page-wide GIFs not being
>handled properly if you go to two-column output).

Mike, can you post details on where to get this tool.
Is it perl, C or what?

Many thanks.


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