Re: www in URL's??

Paul Ramsey (
Thu, 28 Dec 95 23:31:28 PST

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 95 23:31:28 PST
From: (Paul Ramsey)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: www in URL's??

> I have no problem with that, but some companies have registered
> for each one of their N products.  What an explosion of *trash*
> in the DNS space!  Imagine:
> Does the world really need this?
> -Philip
> P.S.	Don't bother flaming me, yes, I know we are digressing
>	*badly* from HTML...

I agree that it is bit silly but there is no point in getting worked up about
it. Now these people have to pay $100 for each domain name they register so
at least they are paying for the waste. Just think about all the paper that
is generated every time a company trademarks something. Compared to that
domain name consumption is not so bad.

paul r.