Re: CLASS attribute (Was: No IMG in FIG)

Joe English (
Sat, 05 Aug 1995 23:08:15 -0700

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Subject: Re: CLASS attribute (Was: No IMG in FIG) 
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Date: Sat, 05 Aug 1995 23:08:15 -0700
From: Joe English <>

Ka-Ping Yee <> wrote:

> Perhaps the popularity of discussion about stylesheets (no doubt prompted
> in response to users clamouring for presentation control) has led too
> quickly to the thinking that "CLASS = stylesheets".  Maybe it would be
> a good idea for the W3 documents about HTML to point out more often that 
> CLASS can be used in more ways?

I would not be upset [*] if a few [**] W3 documents were 
updated in such a fashion.

But hey, let's face it: information retrieval isn't 
exciting anymore.  All the Market cares about is how
it looks, so why bother mentioning meaningful semantics [***]?

[*] vast understatement
[**] like, say, the HTML 3 draft and all of the stylesheets material
[***] sarcasm