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Sun, 3 Jan 1904 23:20:39 +0100

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Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1904 23:20:39 +0100
From: (Bruno Caruso - dvddd)
Subject: Macimage software

I've found informations about a soft called MACIMAGE at the address :
The trouble is : these soft seems not to exist !!
I can't locate it.  Who can help ?

Here's a part of the document :
"Imagemaps using MacHTTP - the DIY approach
at the following address

MacHTTP's way of implementing imagemaps is to pass the query
parameters into a script program written in AppleScript . By default,
MacHTTP recognises any filename ending with .script to be an AppleScript
program, which it then runs with the correct parameters, and which
returns the result directly to the remote client.

Unlike NCSA or CERN HTTPDs for UNIX systems, MacHTTP does not
come bundled with a special imagemap program or map definition syntax
for defining hot spots in images. Until recently, crafting your own script
using AppleScript was your only option. However, a program called
MacImage has recently been released, which is very similar to NCSA's
imagemap program described below, and means the DIY approach is not
the only option for MacHTTP users.

Before MacImage, implementation of complex imagemaps using
MacHTTP was quite difficult..."

For your complete information, we're in fact looking for a soft to create
image maps.
I've heard about htimage, but does it work for Macintosh...??

Have an nice day

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