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Mike Meyer (
Tue, 25 Apr 95 15:27:51 PST

Subject:  Re: Print=Yes
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 15:27:51 PST
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> What would be useful for html3 would be to write something like:
>         <Address>
>         <A HREF="" Print=Yes>
>         Lantz Rowland</A>
>         </Address>
> Which if printed would print as:
>         Lantz Rowland <>
>                         - or -
>         Lantz Rowland <>

Sounds like what you really need is better printing software. I get
printed versions of my HTML documents pretty much exactly like the
second form, without need for a PRINT attribute on any HTML tags.

I'd suggest that browsers with a print requester add "Print URL's"
(similar things might be considered if you're saving to a file) as a
checkbox item; those without might want to add it as a preferences
option. Of course, doing intelligent things with relative URL's or
URL's in the same document might require some thought, but it can be
made to work.