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Sun, 9 Apr 95 20:41:14 EDT

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Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 20:41:14 EDT
From: "Gregg Stephan" <gstephan@netcom.netcom.com>
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>Lindsay Davies wrote:

>>Firstly, ensure that your gif files are suffixed '.gif' - note that is
>>lowercase. Then make sure that all references to the gifs in your HTML docs
>>are case-accurate, unix servers reference files in a case sensitive manner,
>>machttp doesn't.

John Maxwell added...

>Better still, grab the new FileBuddy 3.0, which will strip the resource
>fork (although again, Fetch doesn't seem to care about this) AND
>bulk-change the filename extensions.

Sorry if this is a silly question...

Photoshop 3.0 on a Mac (and, i think, GifConverter) automatically add .GIF
(all uppercase) to my gifs, so I figured that was the way the world "wants"
them. I recently changed all my html doc's to match (from .gif to .GIF). Are
you saying I need to change everything to lower case? What about .JPEG .jpeg
.JPG and .jpg? Is there a FAQ or other reference to such "standards?"

I already upload everything to my UNIX host binary (not Mac), and they seem
to work on everyone's platforms (that I know of...). But, where would I grab
the new FileBuddy 3.0?  
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