What in the world happened to this list?

Christian Perrier (perrier@onera.fr)
Thu, 06 Apr 1995 15:48:06 +0200

Message-Id: <9504061348.AA06177@alix-f.onera.fr>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 15:48:06 +0200
To: www-html@www10.w3.org
From: perrier@onera.fr (Christian Perrier)
Subject: What in the world happened to this list?

>I thought this list was supposed to discuss issues that actually had some 
>relevance to HTML or at least some substance. This list is in a tailspin, 
>it's out of control. Isn't there someone who has some control over the 
>postings? This wasn't an FAQ the last time I checked, and if anyone took 

You're perfectly right IMHO. We should maybe point all users that several
lists dealing with HTML editors/browsers/etc... problems exist in the world.
I use personnaly the list web-support which is based in the UK :
web-support@mailbase.ac.uk (the listserv is majordomo, afaik...). This list
is quite interesting....more dedicated to people in the UK (but they kindly
"accept" others.....even froggies..:-))).

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