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Mon, 3 Apr 1995 09:29:49 -0500

Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 09:29:49 -0500
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I'm just finishing a site that uses a small Perl script that works on Web
pages but DOES NOT use the gateway interface. I have it running on chron,
the timeclock for my UNIX host. Situation: data is automaticaly uploaded
from a mainsframe to the site in question via a PC on the company's LAN.
The data drops into a semi-hidden directory, and a few minutes later the
script awakens, checks the creation/modification dates of the files, and if
they fit, it goes to work. About 4-8 seconds later, the relatively large
datafile is transformed into 65 hypertext files. That happens every day.
Fun to watch.

At 4:08 AM 4/3/95, Justin Drew wrote:
>I want to write scripts to take in information from people browsing, I think
>i need to learn Perl. Is this true, and are there any good books out there
>that anyone recommends.
>Thanks in advance.
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