Re: Proposed extensions to HTML

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 18 Nov 94 14:14:29 GMT

From: Dave Raggett <>
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Subject: Re: Proposed extensions to HTML
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 94 14:14:29 GMT

Thanks to Murray for posting the Netscape Comms HTML extensions.
I am busily working on the first draft of the HTML 3.0 spec and
will release the URL for it in a few days time. I have unashamedly
stolen a few of the Netscape ideas and blended them with others from
HTML+ in what I hope people will agree is a great cocktail!

After the December IETF meeting I am looking forward to collaborative
work on refining the initial draft into a mature spec. We will be
extending Arena to cover the full 3.0 draft spec as soon as practical.
Best wishes,

Dave Raggett
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