Ryan Bernard (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 16:41:12 -0600

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 16:41:12 -0600
From: Ryan Bernard <>
Message-Id: <199411162241.AA08405@wasfs1>
Subject: GET FILES

Can anyone help?

We are trying to have a clickable hyperlink that will allow the user to 
download a local file to disk and save it, WITHOUT using the Options menu. 

For instance:

1. User clicks hyperlinked word.
2. File save dialog opens.
3. User specifies filename and clicks OK.
4. File is saved.

I know you can already accomplish this by the following:

1. User anticipates downloading a file.
2. User prepares by selecting Load to Disk from Options menu.
3. User clicks hyperlinked word.
4. File save dialog opens.
5. User specifies filename and clicks OK.
6. File is saved.

We are really trying to do is save the user a couple of steps and/or save
having to train the user on how to download files.  I recognize we can just
include the instructions on the page, next to the link, but what the heck.

Ryan Bernard
Western Atlas Software