Changes in ListProcessor
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 14:11:45 +0100

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 14:11:45 +0100
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Changes in ListProcessor

Some people have found difficulties unsubscribing from
a mailing list, or changing their email address. To improve the quality
of this service, we changed some rules, thanks to your comments.

An X-Comment line has been added to summarize how to sign off a list.

I will describe only the functions that have been modified. You
can get the complete documentation by sending mail to with the body:

subscribe <mailing-list> [-e email] [-p password] <your name>
Will subscribe you to a list. The -e option allows you to 
select another email to receive messages than the one
you are sending your email from. The -p option
allows you to use a password.

    subscribe www-proxy -e Zorro
    subscribe www-talk -p Barbara Bill C.

As this modified version of ListProcessor allows very easy
unsubscriptions, you may wish to use a password.
I think the use of the password will be better explained 
in a table:

Let us suppose you want to remove your entry A from
a mailing list, and you're sending your email from 
an address B

                        | No password | Password      |
| A and B are different | A removed   | A not removed |
| A is the same as B    | A removed   | A removed     |

Note that in any case a warning message will be sent to A and B.

PASSWORD <mailing-list> [-e email] [-p previous_password] <-n new_password>
If you wish to set a password later.
    PASSWORD www-talk -n BIGBARBE
    PASSWORD www-html -e -p BARBICHE -n BIGBARBE

UNSUBSCRIBE <mailing-list> [-e email] [-p password]
To unsubscribe!


REVIEW <mailing-list>
RECIPIENTS <mailing-list>
If you don't know under which email you are subscribed, this will
give you the list of all subscribers to this mailing-list that are 
not concealed. To get concealed, the command is 
"set <mailing-list> conceal yes".

CHANGE <mailing-list> [-e previous_email] <-n new-email> [-p password]
To change the mail under which you are subscribed.

(In the last example, the program will take your email from your mail 

Thank you,

Arthur Secret (