Re: Style Sheets for HTML

Gavin Nicol (
Tue, 31 May 1994 14:28:10 +0500

Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 14:28:10 +0500
From: (Gavin Nicol)
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Subject: Re: Style Sheets for HTML

>>  I would like to see HTML+ as the common thread, where is all else
>>  fails, every server, and every client should understand it, but I
>>  would also like it to be possible to have clients and servers who are
>>  aware of more than one DTD, and more than one stylesheet.
>Yeah. Yeah Yeah.

  Emphatic agreement?

>But having got a rich enough set for simple use (many of the people much of the 
>time), perhaps we should stop there. Attempting to make a DTD that is all things 
>to all people would be futile - have you seen a publishers DTD, for example?
  I have, I have. Most are not beautiful, to say the least :-(
>On the other hand if you could put up arbitrary SGML, with a link to the DTD and 
>the style sheet in the header, and if a browser (using the distributed flock of 
>cooperating services model) hauls in an SGML parser to deal with it, that would 
>be good.
>HTML+ then would become a lingua franca, efficient because you don't need to 
>send over the DTD, while richer DTDs could be used for documents where you do 
>need the structure to be kept intact.

  It must have been emphatic agreement, because these few paragraphs contain 
  the core of one of my ideas. :-)

  This must happen sooner or later, let's make it sooner.