Re: Forms and alignment
Sun, 29 May 1994 08:35:14 +0200

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Subject: Re: Forms and alignment 
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Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 08:35:14 +0200

> Can I align all the text boxes so they all start on the same
> character position? Example:

> Client:      XXXXXXXXX
> Entry Date:  XXXXXXXXX
> Notes:       XXXXXXXXX

> I have read where in HTML blanks are insignificant. I also tried the
> <pre> (preformatted text> markup, however my boxes are placed on the
> following line.

Yet, using <PRE> is the solution.  Try formatting your input like

<FORM ...>
Client:       <INPUT NAME=client SIZE=40>
Entry Date:   <INPUT NAME=entry_date SIZE=40>
Notes:        <INPUT NAME=notes SIZE=40>

At least it works for me with Mosaic 2.4.

Note that if the <INPUT ...> tags get uncomfortably long you can break
them into multiple lines, e.g.


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