William M. Perry (wmperry@indiana.edu)
Wed, 18 May 94 09:28 EDT

Message-Id: <m0q3lfU-00000BC@monolith>
Date: Wed, 18 May 94 09:28 EDT
From: wmperry@indiana.edu (William M. Perry)
To: www-html@www0.cern.ch
Subject: Discussion

Hello fellow HTML people.  Who all is on this list anyway?

A few points for discussion right off:

1. Will anybody be taping Dave R.'s presentation on HTML+?  If so, I would
   love a copy, since I won't be able to make it to switzerland (wedding is
   on the 28th, and soon-to-be-wife was a little upset that I wanted to
   come back a few hours before the rehearsal dinner - sheesh, she should
   get her priorities straight)

2. I would like to see the <embed> attribute but back into the HTML+ spec.
   It was there a while ago (8 months or so), and I implemented it, and
   have found it quite handy.  I use it quite a bit for the documentation
   on my emacs browser <embed src="cur-version.html" type="text/html"> in
   all the 'Help On Vxx.yy' menu choices.

3. Math support - is this done in anything but the Cern unreleased browser
   yet?  Is it stable enough for me to start working on, or is it more of a
   moving target than HTML+ in general?

4. Level specification
   We came up with at least 4 levels of HTML/HTML+ at the TEI-WWW
   conference in ireland last year, but never got all the elements of HTML+
   put into the levels.  Has anybody worked on this lately?

5. Finalization of HTML spec
   Once we get a working DTD for 'accepted' practice in HTML, will it
   finally be frozen?  I think it should be put out as an RFC
   (informational only?  I'm fuzzy on the RFC ratification process), then
   have everyone concentrate on implementing HTML+.

-Bill Perry