Inline image formatting

Mark Fletcher (
Tue, 5 Jul 1994 13:51:22 -0800 (PDT)

From: (Mark Fletcher)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Inline image formatting
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 1994 13:51:22 -0800 (PDT)


I have a problem with formatting text with inline images. I've scanned
every HTML how-to document I could find and didn't find anything talking
about this. Hopefully this is appropriate to this list. So here it is...

I've got a gif image that I would like to display on one side of the
page(the left), and then on the right side, display some text. I can get
this to work if the text on the right side doesn't wrap around. When it
wraps around, it wraps to below the image. Am I asking too much of HTML?

What I want to do:

|	    |		Display text here
|	    |		and here
| Image     |		and here ....
|	    |
|	    |

I'm using Mosaic 2.? to view the document. Any help would be greatly