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Thu, 15 Dec 1994 15:25:52 -0600

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Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 15:25:52 -0600
From: Earl Hood <>

> I'm fairly new to the world of HTML and would like to know what kind of
> utilitis ar available for FrameMaker to HTML conversions.  I am
> especially interested in free- or shareware.

I recommend MifMucker by,
<URL:> (even
though I have a biased opinion :-).  I use MifMucker all the time for
documenting my WWW programs.  The nice thing about MifMucker is that it
will perform other Frame related tasks besides Frame->HTML
conversions.  Plus, MifMucker is completely written in Perl.

Here is some information on MifMucker obtained from the above URL:

What is MifMucker?

   The MifMucker is a Perl application for manipulating Frame documents
   and books. It operates as a general front end for passing Frame
   documents of any type through a series of independent filters for
   processing. Filters operate on a single representation of the document
   in memory, hence filters can be chained together.
   The MifMucker includes default filters that were deemed widely useful.
   These filters all have individual capabilities, limitations, and
   options. You can use the -usage option to get a usage message for each
   individual filter. Likewise, you can use the -filters option to get a
   list of available filters installed. Running the MifMucker without any
   command line options (mifmucker) gives a usage message on the
   MifMucker itself.
   The default filters are:
     * html -- converts Frame documents to HTML according to a map file.
     * ascii -- converts Frame documents to formatted ASCII.
     * search -- searches across frame documents (includes reg.
     * readmif -- parser (internal only)
     * writemif -- write from memory to mif file. Used as a MIF
     * fixhead -- converts hanging headings (3.1 side heads) into text

   The MifMucker requires:
     * UNIX platform
     * Perl V4.0 any patch level
     * FrameMaker V3.1, V4.0, or FrameBuilder -- You'll need Frame if you
       want graphics or auto-generation of MIF, which you do, so consider
       this a requirement.
     * Graphic conversion programs -- the HTML filter uses FrameMaker to
       convert graphics to PostScript. So, if you want to convert
       documents for use with the World Wide Web (WWW), the MifMucker
       will get the documents into PS. It will call a script (psconvert)
       to convert the graphics. The script should acts as a wrapper
       around a third party application that you specify for converting
       from PS to whatever format you want (probably GIF). As there are
       a number of free applications on UNIX platforms that can do this
       already, I decided to not reinvent the wheel (nor limit your
       choices). So:
       Use something like ImageMagick for conversion from PS to GIF.
       Works like charm. See the file psconvert for more information. If
       you don't have a conversion program, that's fine, you'll just get
       text and PostScript images (which can still be viewed on the web,
       though not inlined). No big deal.
       A few notes about ImageMagick. You'll also need GhostScript
       because that's what ImageMagick uses to read/convert the
       PostScript. Please read the IM_psconvert file for more info about
       the ImageMagick tools.