Text offset around images

Stephen Kimber (skimber@ac.dal.ca)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 08:48:07 -0400

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 08:48:07 -0400
From: skimber@ac.dal.ca (Stephen Kimber)
Subject: Text offset around images
To: www-html@www0.cern.ch
Message-Id: <ab14991100021004bdfa@[]>

When I create a graphic image and align it on the left so that text will
run around the right side of the image, the text runs flush up to the
right-hand edge of the image. Is there any way to create a runaround in
html? There are some images on my home page
(http://www.ukings.ns.ca/Docs/kimberhome.html) that will show you what I
Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

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