Re: Lines in Tables

Michael Johnson (
Fri, 09 Dec 94 08:39:36 EST

Subject: Re: Lines in Tables
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From: (Michael Johnson)
To: (HTML discussion list)
Date:    Fri, 09 Dec 94 08:39:36 EST

Tony Jebson writes:
>One thing I've jyst realised I would like to see in HTML 3.0 is more
>control over the lines drawn around tables. At present all you can do
>is say whether you have lines or not. It would be nice to be able to
>specify border lines, row lines, column lines etc separately.

How about adding a RULES attribute to the TABLE element:

  rules (none|horiz|vert|both) #IMPLIED -- both if borders on, otherwise none

This should give sufficient control over rules. It might be desirable to
extend the BORDERS attribute:

  borders (none|horiz|vert|both) none

Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.