Re: An FTP site for html2.0.doc.tar.gz?

Earl Hood (
Sat, 13 Aug 94 20:54:50 CDT

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Subject: Re: An FTP site for html2.0.doc.tar.gz? 
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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 94 20:54:50 CDT
From: Earl Hood <>

I'm assuming you are addressing me by the name of the tar file.

> We're extremely grateful for and interested in 2.0 and would like to get
> the entire .tar file of the documentation.   Is the file available at some
> ftp site?  Our telnet server will not allow us to download.

It is available via http.  I set a .htaccess file to force browsers to
save to disk when the link to the tar file is selected.

Just in case, it can now be retrieved via ftp with the following URL:

Remember, this document was generated with dtd2html, so the format
may seem new to you.  I'll try to keep the document as up-to-date
as possible with the 2.0 specifications, but I do not guarantee


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