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From: Rick Zbur, Equality California <email@eqca.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 19:16:12 +0000
To: Bruce Barrett <Www-Html-Editor@W3.Org>
Message-ID: <6e1f12cd4e8948b2e220fdf3c17cbbff@bounce.bluestatedigital.com>
Dear Bruce,

As LGBT people in California, we are invisible. We're
invisible because the state isn't counting us - and we need
your help to change that.

Click here to urge Governor Brown to support AB 959, which
would ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity data are
collected along with other important demographic information
that help determine state policies and funding: 


If we're not counted - we don't count, at least not when it
comes to the state budget.

This means that unless you take action today there will be:

- Not enough help coming for the 40% of homeless kids who are
- No new support for lesbians who remain significantly
at higher risk for breast cancer; 
- Too few resources for gay and bisexual African American men, 
who are twice more likely than their white and Latino peers to 
become infected with HIV; and, 
- No new programs for the 45-74% of transgender
people who smoke, potentially deadly for those taking

California tracks age, race and ethnicity,
disabilities and other important demographic information on government
forms and surveys. This data is use when setting policies
and allocating funds for health and social services. But
sexual orientation and gender identity are not being
tracked, and as a result, we're not seen. Our essential
healthcare needs are not adequately met. And startling
disparities exist between our health and well-being and that
of the general population.

Click here to help make the LGBT community visible in
California: http://EQCA.org/GovBrown959

Ask our state to see LGBT people by supporting
AB 959 - the LGBT Disparities Reduction Act. Our ally -
Governor Brown - can continue his strong leadership on LGBT
issues. And this one is crucial, at the very core of our
health and well-being.

Please take this critical step today and sign our letter telling 
Governor Brown to sign AB 959: http://EQCA.org/GovBrown959

All of us are part of the rich fabric of our golden state.

With your help today, California will see us and count us as

In solidarity,

Rick Zbur 
Executive Director

P.S. Once you've signed our letter to Gov. Brown, you can 
encourage your friends to do the same by sharing this link:

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