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Re: [xhtml-role] Editorial (PR#9623)

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 17:20:29 +0900
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Cc: www-html-editor@w3.org
To: Shane McCarron <voyager-issues@mn.aptest.com>

Le 12 sept. 06 à 16:53, Shane McCarron a écrit :
> 1) While we appreciate that what you suggest might make reading  
> easier, the way
> we do it is how W3C specs all do it as far as we know.  We do agree  
> about
> expanding the text, and will attempt to make that change over time.

No, All specifications don't do it like that.
An example

And using a correct citation scheme is also recommended in the W3C  
Manual of Style
	7.2 Citation

> 2) We agree that semantic markup is a good thing.  We do not have a  
> convention
> for annotating specific document roles at this time.  Thanks for  
> the comment.

Will the WG do for next version of the publication?

> 3) You suggest that we remove things that will not be relevant  
> after a few
> years.  We agree.  If there are specific items, please let us know  
> what they
> are.

1. Introduction

an example of what we call a factual fact.

	Note that this work was originally done as part
	of the [XHTML2] activity. It is being released
	in a separate, stand-alone module in order to
	speed its adoption and ease the migration to
	XHTML 2 when that is released.

> 4) We will make a note somewhere that all examples are non-normative.

That will half solved the issue. How one's know that the prose is an  
example or not in the text. The problem is that the prose often mixed  
a requirement and an example in the same paragraph.

Please do separate examples from normative prose explicitly.

> 5) Agreed.

a grep should on the next version of the document should help to  
catch the case issue.
And also help to add an appropriate markup
See for example
	10. RFC 2119 Key Words

> 6) Thanks.  We will fix.


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