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[xhtml2] "Semantics only" elements

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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 03:27:13 -0000
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This is a QA Review comment for "XHTML 2.0"
8th WD

About http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-xhtml2-20060726/mod-metaAttributes.html#s_metaAttributesmodule

For a long time HTML elements have the nature of being either inline or either block, with the exceptions of few which are quite free like "form". Some of these elements have a semantics only nature as they define a meaning and not the structure of a text, for example "address" or "code"

It is stated in the introduction that the language is a general purpose language and that "role", "property" and "class" offer mechanisms to improve the semantics. 

	Use it! 

Make full benefit of the technology. Deprecate all semantics elements, and define role/property attribute profiles ("modules") which will cover the previous semantics usage. It will also be a lot easier for browser implementers and search engines developers to implement. Not adding elements but adding one attribute and semantics on previous elements. 

See my individual mails on the topic of semantics: TITLES, LIST, CODE, CITATION, ADDRESS, DEFINITION, SUMMARY

At least for all semantics elements give the markup construct which would use a more RDFa approach.

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