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problems with HTML and XHTML Frequently Answered Questions

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Why do I have to use these namespace things in XHTML?

In the early days of HTML different groups and companies added new elements
and attributes to HTML at will. This threatened to cause a chaos of
different non-interoperable versions of HTML. XML (the X stands for
Extensible) allows anyone to use ___elements and elements___ from different
languages, but for a browser or other user agent to know which element
belongs to which language, you have to tell it. The namespace declarations
do just that.

Possibly "elements and attributes"  was originally intended.



Which browsers accept the media type application/xhtml+xml?
Browsers known to us include all Mozilla-based browsers, such as Mozilla,
Netscape 5 and higher, Galeon and Firefox, as well as Opera, Amaya, Camino,
Chimera, DocZilla, iCab, Safari, and all browsers on mobile phones that
accept WAP2. ___ In fact, any modern browser. Most accept XHTML documents as
application/xml as well. See the XHTML Media-type test for details.___


Do the sentences mean that 

      1) any modern browsers support application/xhtml+xml and 
      2) most browsers will accept XHTML document as application/xml as well

Thank you for your explanation!


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