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From: Polyakov Yuriy <promo@uaic.net>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 19:52:17 +0200
Message-ID: <18918854060.20021209195217@uaic.net>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org


Everybody knows that at the present time the firm that offers a top
quality product and can deliver it in the shortest terms dominates on
the market. And the art is to gain a customer, to satisfy all his
needs and the most important thing is to make him come back for a new
order. And not every firm, especially on the IT market, can do it. And
there many factors that influence on customer's attitude to the firm
he applied to for the help. The main is quality. Without it none of
products can be competitive. The second is terms, within which this
product should be delivered. The third is support that can be
delivered after the product is tested and purchased. There are a lot
of firms claiming that they are the best and none else can be better
of them, but have you ever tried what they can do? We are sure that
half of them will be beyond comparison, but another part will just not
justify hopes. And this is because of one thing - they don't see
themselves in the role of a customer, they don't think over what would
they wish or change if they were customers. And this is what
E-Vector's marketing strategy is based on - to satisfy customer needs, to
make him feel that he is unique. Let us prove that we are those who
you searched for.
We look forward to cooperation with You.

E-Vector Team,
e-mail: info@evector.net
Received on Monday, 9 December 2002 13:04:07 UTC

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