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Finding your site.

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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 02 10:47:24 EST
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Please respond to this email with the following information to request your FREE search engine positioning report:

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Yours is a no-obligation report that will outline exaclty where your website ranks on the top 10 search engines for the keywords requested.

Each year companies spend billions of dollars on Internet advertising - keyword buys, banner campaigns, site sponsorships, click thru advertising, affiliate programs and the like. While these are all necessary components for a successful web site, the often most overlooked but most effective means of online promotion is search engine promotion and positioning. As worldwide search engine traffic continues to grow, so too grows the potential for corporate exposure through these resources. Search engines are unique to the Internet because they have a universal appeal, including members of limitless demographic groups. Exposure to such an audience is invaluable to corporate marketing strategy.

Thousands of websites are submitted for inclusion in search engines every day, however very few people understand how they work. Due to recent advances in search engine accessibility and technology, search results are returned faster and more precise than in the past. This contributes to an ongoing trend of users spending less time reviewing search results; most search engine users view only the first three pages of search results.

--- Don't Lose That Visitor!
Research suggests that 75% of Internet users utilize search engines on a weekly basis to find what they are looking for. Did you know that the average click-thru rate on paid advertising banners, buttons and specialty links on major search engines is about 0.5%? What this means is that 1 person out of 200 is going to click that banner ad or button while the remaining 199 will be looking thru the listings in the search query results. That is why it is of extreme importance that you have great search engine ranking in relation to your type of business.

--- Where Does Your Site Rank? 
If your web site is not found on the first page of a search results, then you are missing out on the ability to attract potential visitors to your site. You are also taking the chance that they will find a competitor's site instead of yours. That all amounts to lost sales and lost revenues.

--- Proven Techniques.
Using our proven processes and techniques, we are able to make sure that your web site is in those top 30 results. We understand how each search engine differs in the way they index web sites and list search results. With this understanding, we optimize and submit according to their specific rules and standards. We also keep up on their ever-changing methods and are therefore able to keep your campaign current, up to date and effective, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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