You recently made an inquiry or purchased from Eagle Stock Images,  or I visited your website and added you to my Outlook address book and thought you might be interested in our latest news.  With the wave of patriotism sweeping the Nation (I still can't buy a larger flag to replace the one I have!)  I've had tons of requests for new eagle related merchandise that people can use to show their patriotism.  Because of this I've developed a few new products that I think you might enjoy.  Even a line of products where 100% of the profits go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. I hope you don't mind this somewhat unsolicited eMail.  I'm only sending this message to the small group of people who have shown interest in my website and I'm using this message as a means of updating you.  I still consider myself a photographer first and foremost but I needed a way to share these photos with the general public during this time of great national unity. Patriot Eagle Screen Saver
Did I mention the Screen Saver  ( )?  Oh yea, I guess I did.   Well I know you'll like it so when you get a chance stop by and take a look.  This is one product you actually get to try before you buy.   Please stop by and take a look at the new patriotic images.  If you know of anyone else that might be interested feel free to forward them this message.

John Herron / Eagle Stock Images

Specializing in American Bald Eagle photos.
NEW - Beautiful Patriotic Screen Saver. Featuring My BEST Bald Eagle Photos on Patriotic Backgrounds.  Images can also be used as Windows Wallpaper.  Music can be added, you can add your own photos, etc.  This is a full featured screen saver.  FREE 3 Image version available for download!

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Patriot Eagle Screen Saver

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