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Do you need more sales?

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Visit our site at messagepro.triforcetech.com

Message Pro -
Not just the typical messaging product.
Message Pro is a template based communication and tracking tool.
Increases the effectiveness of your communication.
Drastically reduces your operating costs.
Customer set parameters create unique messages when applied to a template.
Builds customer profiles by tracking link activity.
Templates are stored and can be used in multiple campaigns.
Static lists.
Smart lists, that are updated automatically based upon customer set parameters.
Automatic handling of remove requests.
Detailed reports allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.
Real time reporting.

How can Message Pro Help You?

Automatic creation of monthly billing statements.  
You can set parameters to decide which template will be used for a statement. 
Statements will be sent depending on your customer's account status.  Those with current accounts will receive a different statement then those who are past due.  	You set the parameters, Message Pro does the rest.
We can help you develop custom statements to fit your needs.
Reports contain information in regards to undeliverable statements.
Statements automatically sent at predetermined intervals.

Create personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns.
Track which customers have received, read and followed links from your message.
Detailed reports track the effectiveness of your subject line and/or your message content.
Target specific segments of the population as determined by you, the customer.
Track bounced, or invalid addresses.

The advantages of using MessagePro are numerous.
You have control of your campaign.
You decide who the message is sent to, what format of message they receive and when the 	campaign runs.
Campaign implementation is quick and easy.
Changes to your campaign can be made up until the time the campaign actually runs.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Outsourcing your email marketing is cost effective.

Visit our site at messagepro.triforcetech.com to get started!

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