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New database for Artists...

From: Nili <gig@gigcenter.dk>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:22:05 +0200
Message-ID: <16867-22001941321225640@gigcenter.dk>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Artists in Scandinavia... (Or those of you who have Artist friends!)

My name is Nili; I am an artist from Copenhagen. I hope you will accept this mail with understanding, as it contains important information for artists. All I ask is a moment of your time?
I'm working on a big International project, gigcenter.com, a Global Database - Search Engine for Artists.
This is not a booking agency, it's kind of "International Yellow Pages for Artists".


*   Anyone looking for a Performing Artist, will be able to find him/her all 'under one roof'. 

*   A database that is constantly updated by the artists themselves. 

*   A place for artists who are not so happy to use a Computer. (Mail us your CV/Resume, photos, audio/video sample) we'll create (and keep updating) a personal elegant homepage, and an Internet address you can use as a visit-card. 

*   Links - Artists who have their own homepage can link to them, as well as display their booking agents and/or band/group members. 
You can register as a group or a band. 

*   A homepage in your own language, plus an extra homepage in English (we will be happy to help you translate from Danish, Norwegian or Swedish to English. Free of charge!) 

*   The categories include "Artists", "Musicians", "Entertainers", "Circus Act", "Producers", "Production Team", "makeup", "costume design", "photographers" "Light/Sound Technicians" and many more...

Now it's up to you, artists of the world, to take a look at it! 

Click here: www.gigcenter.com, take a look at "Sample Homepages", 
read the "Artist Information". 

Would you like to try a sample registration form, email me and I'll send you a key to try out, no obligations!
Registration can be done directly Online, or contact me at: gig@gigcenter.dk. 

The Danish gigcenter database can be opened directly at: www.gigcenter.dk. 

Thank you for your time, I'm looking forwards to hearing from you!

Australiensvej 20
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
Tlf:(+45)3929 3605

* This e-mail is only sent ONCE. There are NO Mailing lists and NO records of people it was sent to. 
All addresses were found randomly in the Internet under search for "culture", "artists in Scandinavia", "kultur", etc...
If you feel you received this letter by mistake, please forgive me...

Nili Glazer
Australiensvej 20
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
(+45) 3929 3605
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