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China,diesel fuel injetion 09/09

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Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 13:48:06 +0800
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To: china-diesel.fuel.injection@tux.w3.org
   My name is ChenHua, and I'm writing on behalf of the 
China-Lutong mechanical company. Located in the south east 
of China, we specialize in hydraulic heads for the VE 
distributor pump. 

   We can supply standard, good quality units at a very 
competitive price. The following types are available: 
Engine model VE PUMS code   NO     UNIT PRICE(EX WORKS)
TOYOTA   NP-VE4/11L    096400-1240          $USD50
                             (NIPPON DENSO)
ISUZU)   NP-VE4/11L    096400-1600          $USD40
                             (NIPPON DENSO)
ISUZU    NP-VE4/9L     146400-8821(zexel)   $USD50
ISUZU    NP-VE4/11R    146402-0820(zexel)   $USD45
ISUZU    NP-VE4/11L    146402-0920(zexel)   $USD40
ISUZU    NP-VE4/11L    146402-3820(zexel)   $USD45
ISUZU    NP-VE4/12L    146402-4020(zexel)   $USD50
ISUZU    NP-VE4/12R    146402-4320(zexel)   $USD50
VE R 138 0460494131    1 468 334 565(BOSCH) $USD50
VE R 138 0460484046    1 468 334 590(BOSCH) $USD50
IVECO    NP-VE4/11R    1 468 334 798(BOSCH) $USD45
CUMMINS  NP-VE6/12R    1 468 336 423(BOSCH) $USD45
HYUNDAI  NP-VE6/12R    1 468 336 480(BOSCH) $USD55

   We use precision forging technology to create our products
and surface treat them using an imported shot-blasting machine.
The constant grinding process guarantees identical clearance 
in each plunger. 
   Because we have been in the field of diesel fuel injection 
systems for quite a few years, we are acquainted with many 
domestic manufacturers of, and sales agents for, parts such as 
injector nozzles, plungers, delivery valves and so on.
  If you are interested in our products, please contact me. Thank
you for your interest in our company.

Thanks and  best  regards !

Sales & purchasing director


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