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For your clients; a College course

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Our Company develops and produces College Level Computer
Presented Academic Courses. 

They are Carefully Crafted, Interactive, Multimedia Tutorials. 

Our courses are used by Leading Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, 
Small Businesses and Individuals. 

Our courses will benefit your Members as well as their Customers and Clients.

For Example:


"I invested in myself.  It's working."  ------  marketing representative                                         

"All my clients need this course".  ------   management consultant          

"I had to interview some businessmen." ------   journalist

"Those dull meetings aren't so dull after all." ------  store manager

"I've been bookkeeping for over four years." 
"Now I know why I do what I do". ------  bookkeeper          

"I had a great conversation with my boss's boss." 
"MY BOSS didn't know what we were talking about."  ------  engineer

"I used to be the "doofus".   I just got promoted." ------  computer programmer 

"We explained the financial statements to our maids."  
"Occupancy went up 20%."     ------    motel manager

"They stuck me in a quality circle.  Now I know why." ----  electronic assembler

"Before you invest, do your homework.   Now I can". ------  retiree investor

"I was foundering in my accounting class. I "got it." now".  ------   student  

"I have started a business".  ------   entrepreneur

"My borrowers and especially my loan officers need this".  ------  banker  

"Thank you for "UFS".  ------  the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker   
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hit reply and type "remove" in the subject line.

Our Company develops and produces College Level Computer
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