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Too much success!

From: Comics World Expo '02 <comics02@crosswinds.net>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:04:22
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Message-Id: <20010831140304.ELCC22872.wmpmta02-app.mail-store.com@mail.infinito.it>

"Comics World Expo '02"  at Innsbruck in Tyrol... give you the Welcome!

For all our Web-site Visitors... You are absolutely sensational!
We know that our Events are not to loss, but never we have think that the number of Visitors
can make out our server! 

To avoid a loss of your time, we have install three mirror Web-Sites:

Please see full information on:         :    http://www.abrp.net
                              or                     http://comicsworldexpo.i8.com (English only)
                              or                     http://comicsworld.topcities.com
                              or                     http://comicsworldexpo.multiservers.com

If you wish only receive our free news letter (no more than one monthly) as:

a/ Future Exhibitor, please click newsletterexpocomics@abrp.net
                    or                  comicsworldexpo@lycos.at

          b/ Media, please click        newslettermedcomics@abrp.net
                    or                  comicsworldexpo@austromail.at

          c/ Visitor, please click      newslettervisitcomics@abrp.net
                    or                  Newscomicsworld@myrealbox.com
indicating on the E-mail the language you wish (GB - D - F - I) -when available - and the E-mail to use - if not the sender.

If you will be cancelled from our list, please send : please_cancel_me@abrp.net or
comicscancel@everymail.net .This blank message is enough if send from the same ISP or indicate
your original Email in the "subject"; without such indication, we are not able to find you in our list! 

To read you soon and awaiting the pleasure to work with you

Robin G. Pelikant
Received on Friday, 31 August 2001 10:03:36 UTC

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