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Modularization of XHTML - W3C Recommendation 10 April 2001

From: Christian Hujer <Christian@hujer.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 00:31:34 +0200
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Message-ID: <15YbBb-2EDY9IC@fmrl01.sul.t-online.com>
Hello Dear HTML Editors,

I think I have found errors in the documentation of Modularization of XHTML.
This version:

1. (No error) The Forms Module states it excludes the Basic Forms Module. This seems correct.

2. (Error) The Basic Forms Module does not state it excludes the Forms Module. This seems to be missing.

3. (Errors) The Table Modules don't state exclusion of each other. This seems to be missing.
3.1 (Error) The Basic Tables Module does not state it excludes the Tables Module.
3.2 (Error) The Tables Module does not state it excludes the Basic Tables Module.

4. (Error) The Legacy Module is deprecated, as stated in its text. The first paragraph describing the Legacy Module should be an emphasized paragraph stating that this module is deprecated, since all other 
depracted modules seem to have such a note.

5. (Error, either in XHTML Basic 1.0 or in Modularization of XHTML, maybe in documentation, maybe in implementation) Regarding to XHTML Basic 1.0
This version:
Paragraph "1.3.2. Script and Events
[...] Execution of script programs may not be supported. Contents
should be readable even if scripts are not executed.
Event handler attributes used to invoke script programs are not supported.
Events are device dependent. An incoming-call event is unlikely to happen
in a television. A generic event handling mechanism would be more appropriate
than hardwiring the event names in the document type definition."
In Modularization of XHTML, the Common Attribute Collection is stated to always contain the Event Attribute Collection. This is a contradiction to what XHTML Basic says about events (or the other way round...).
I wrote a small test html file with XHTML Basic 1.0 as document type and an onmouseover-event attribute on a p element. The document shows not to be valid, so the implementation of the modules either differs 
between XHTML Basic 1.0 and Modularization of XHTML, or the documentation of Modularization of XHTML differs from its implementation.
I suggest further investigation of that. In my eyes, XHTML Modularization should have an Event Module defining the Event Attributes as Event Attribute Collection and adding the Event Attribute Collection to the 
Common Attribute Collection.

Kind regards

Christian Hujer
Christian.Hujer@itcqis.com or Christian@hujer.com
Received on Sunday, 19 August 2001 18:37:12 UTC

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