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From: <Km3zyut5K@excite.com>
Date: 23 Jul 01 9:42:50 AM
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TO: info@argo.bas.bg

We develop web-centric software - everything from protocol stacks to database-driven Websites. We are cost effective and fast. Our clients range from Electrical Power Research Institute to Emerson to small websites.

Here is our pitch:
You know that if you don’t beat your competitors to market, you cannot keep growing. That’s no mystery.

What is a mystery is how to assemble the quality, tight-lipped development team quickly enough to win. After all, everybody claims to have just the right software engineers - all you have to do is spend a few manager-days interviewing each candidate then pay a head-hunter fee of 30% annual salary. After doing all that, there’s still no guarantee that your new hire won’t go to work for a competitor in six months, taking your intellectual property in his or her head.

We have a better idea. We develop software far from the prying eyes of your competitors. We have labs in Budapest, Hungary and Twin Falls, Idaho. This is a win-win scenario. You protect your intellectual property, reduce your costs and shorten your schedule. We grow our business.

We cannot claim that we thought of Budapest first. IBM (disk drives), Ericsson (mobile phones and hand held devices), Emerson (commercial electronics), and Appaloosa Software (computer games) already develop software in Budapest. When I asked them why, they gave three reasons, in this order: the quality of software engineers, intellectual property protection, and cost.

We offer two options.

* You deal directly with a project leader here in America. We develop software to your specifications in Budapest.
* You can send a technical leader to our laboratory in Budapest and manage the development yourself.

All of our engineers speak fluent English, hold graduate degrees, and are abreast of the state-of-the-art. You are welcome to use our Budapest laboratory. It is in a beautiful Hapsburg Baroque building near the Danube, about ten minutes from Technical University of Budapest. If you need our engineers to come to America occasionally, we can arrange it without the H1B hassle.

Thanks for reading our email. If this interests you, write to us at the email below. Please include an email address, telephone number, and time zone.


We specialize in Web infrastructure technologies.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Linux, Windows 2000/NT/98, Unix

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: C/C++, Java, Pascal, Fortran, Visual Basic


SCRIPTING LANGUAGES: Perl, awk, JavaScript, Visual Basic

DATABASES: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres

Web Graphical Effects Tools: Flash, Shockwave

APPLICATION SERVERS: Java Server Pages (JSP), ColdFusion, MS IIS (Active Server Pages-ASP), MiniVend, HomeSite

RAD TOOLS: ColdFusion Studio, MS Visual Studio (Front Page, Visual Interdev), DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Delphi, and Visual Age for Java


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