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Message from Shanghai Welding Materials Factory!

From: vivien yu <vivien850@163.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:18:03 -0400
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Dear Sir or Madam,

This is a message from Shanghai of China!

First I would like to show the highest respect for you!

We are Shanghai Small Enterprise (Trade Development) Service Center under the administration of Shanghai Commerce Federation.  It is a non-profitable enterprise solely funded by Shanghai municipal government. Its key principle is to provide excellent service to small enterprises to promote transnational cooperation.  We are carrying out Shanghai-Industry------Oriental Dragon International Business Development Project. Please visit our web page www.shanghai-industry.com for further information. 

We hope you would form strategic partnership with us!  We could provide you with the product or company information you want here in China.  Please feel free to contact us!  We would like to be your contact person here in Shanghai, the economic center in China.  We also expect your valued information that may bring great benefit to enterprises both in your country and ours.
Now one of our members, Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Materials Factory, a welding material manufacturer in Shanghai, wants business cooperation from outside world.  Regarding their promising products and the markets, they want to make acquaintance with foreign associates for the possibility of setting up joint ventures to enlarge scales.  You may refer to their brief company introduction hereafter or visit their web page www.baoshanluodian.com.  Besides, their products are also exporting to foreign countries.  Any companies or distributors that are interests may have further discussions with their factory.  

If you are interested in their factory or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.  In return, we are also willing to provide market information concerning welding industry in China.

If you could help us either in getting right information or finding the right person, we will be greatly obliged.  Your advises or suggestions would possibly change the future of our company as well as yours.

Await your earliest reply for good news.

Best regards,

Ms. Vivien Yu

Shanghai Small Enterprise Service Center

Please Contact Ms Vivien Yu
Tel:		86-21-65985378    
Fax:		86-21-35014214
E-mail:	sales@shanghai-industry.com
URL:	www.shanghai-industry.com
Address:	Shanghai SME Mansion Rm 515, No. 108, Damuqiao Rd., Shanghai 200032 China

Briefing on Baoshan Luodian company:

Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Materials Factory
Seek Joint Venture Cooperation

Established in 1987, Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Materials factory has an annual product capability of more than 200 tons of various braze welding materials. The product  line covers silver base solders, such as silver-braze, silver-braze-zinc, silver-braze-zinc-cadmium, tin-braze-zinc-tin, silver-braze-zinc-tin-nickel and silver-braze-zinc-manganese-nickel series, phosphate braze solders including those of 2-25% silver content, braze solders for comparative low welding temperature, aluminum argon-arc wire, aluminum gas-welding wire of aluminum-silicon and aluminum-silicon-braze series, zinc-tin alloy welding wire, nickel-base powder of nickel-chromium-boron-silicon and nickel-chromium-phosphate series, amorphous belt, as well as silver welding flux. 

Its product has huge demand in China's market. Shanghai Baoshan occupies 3,200 square meter of operation land. With the advanced technical capability and its competent technical personnel, the product quality leads among other enterprises in this field. Having engaged in this industry for 15 years, Baoshan Luodian has created smooth sale channels in Chinese market.

Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Materials Factory hopes to cooperate with overseas fund or enterprises to build a joint venture in China. At present, there are no joint ventures of welding materials in China. To establish the first one in Shanghai, the biggest city and economic center of China, would satisfy the vast demand from Chinese market and make huge profits for the investing party as well. 

Catalogue and detailed information are available when requested.

Web page:	www.luodianhanjie.com

Please Contact Ms Vivien Yu
Tel:		86-21-65985378    
Fax:		86-21-35014214
E-mail:	sales@shanghai-industry.com
URL:	www.shanghai-industry.com
Address:	Shanghai SME Mansion Rm 515, No. 108, Damuqiao Rd., Shanghai 200032 China

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