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Only you can help save your child

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*** Does Your Child Show ANY of these Warning Signs?*** 

* Disruptive behavior? 
* Out of Communication? 
* Unproductive? 
* Bad Attitude? 
* Problems in School? 
* Slovenly Appearance? 

If you see ANY of these warning signs in your child,
chances are good that you are looking at serious problems
ahead. The problems many parents see are just the tip of
the iceberg. The activities that lie out of sight are the
ones that can destroy a child's life. 

If you have tried to help your child but haven't been able
to get the results you want, contact us before the
situation gets worse. 

We have over eleven years experience in successfully
handling difficult children in a safe and caring
environment with one-on-one counseling, tutoring and moral

By actual survey 87.5% of our Graduates have remained
stable and doing well in life. This is considered
remarkable by today's standards. 

For more info about our unique Program contact us at:


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