Promotions Of America Inc.

Impact Advertising at its Best!!!

At Promotions of America we offer:


Telemarketing              Promotional Products

E-Mail                         Phone and Mail Lists

Direct Mail


Promotions of America specializes in bulk-email. We can tailor your email to your needs, then send it out to over 10 million home owners. We also have business emails such as our mortgage broker email database which consists of over 225,000 emails and our Realtor database in which we have 130,000!!!

NEW!!! We just acquired 200,000 investor emails!


Our prices to send out to our home owner database is:

100,000 is $500.00

300,000 is $1000.00


We also have opt-in lists which consist of  people who want to receive information on refinancing And People who want to refinance their house for debit consolidation. Just to name a few.

Promotions of America is also the leader in the industry for lead generation and specialty telemarketing leads such as our sub-prime file of home owners where you pick their score and also how much revolving credit card debit you want them to have. And we can generate any type of lead for you at no extra cost!! Remember, now that interest rates are really low right now, so it is the best time to find out if people want to refinance.

We are the industry leader in telemarketing in that we offer easy pay in which you can make 3 easy payments while we do your telemarketing, and also produce the best results, Guaranteed!!


If you are interested please give us a call and ask for Ron or Mike at (954) 422-5777 or call us toll free at 866-5-4-LEADS and we will be glad to assist you.