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From: Rick Fraser <rbfraser@apc.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:23:45 -0800
Message-ID: <034d01c0a1f7$1885f480$6501a8c0@earthlink.net>
To: <www-html-editor@w3.org>

   I was attemping to find an answer to a problem I am having.  I have a pic
 that is approximately 500 x 380 and would like to center it on the
 home page of my site.  But when I make it the background (as it should
 be) it keeps reproducing itself. With this html tag:
<body bgcolor="#ccccc0" onload=""background="D:\agothic\graphics\Flames2.gif"BORDER=1>
   It goes to the left and reproduces itself and and below, etc.  Is there a way to stop this constant reproduction and center it as a back ground?

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